The world leading manufacturer in the field of adhesives

About lintec

LINTEC is a comprehensive manufacturer of adhesive-related products established in 1934.

The product lineup covers many diversified fields including but not limited to; adhesive papers and films for seals and labels, shatter-proof window films, adhesive sheets for outdoor signs, interior finishing mounting sheets, automobile-use adhesive products, semiconductor-related tape, and LCD-related adhesive products. Our company is developing and providing various products in the fields of specialty papers, including color papers for envelopes and function papers, of release papers and films, and of casting papers in addition to adhesive-related products.

LINTEC also develops and manufactures a variety of equipment for use with our materials such as label-printing machines and packaging machines. We have a comprehensive approach that allows us to create synergy in a businesses’ materials and equipment and lets us cater to the diverse needs of customers in the adhesives market.

Some of Our divisions

Graphics & Functional Materials Division

A picture is worth a thousand words. This may be a cliche by some standards, however, the use of LINTEC Digital Window Graphics in window setting brings space to life.

A sense of drama and style can be captured using LINTEC Digital Window Graphics because graphics can be displayed using optically clean window film. Window and doors can be used for maximum illusion.

Advanced Technologies Division

LINTEC ’s Advanced Technologies Division specializes in proprietary semiconductor manufacturing related products, called Adwill. These include a wide array of product lines featuring high-function adhesive tapes such as Non UV and UV dicing tape, BG surface protective tape, and die attach specialty films.

A leader in providing technical innovation, LINTEC OF AMERICA offers solution to our customers that continue to push the envelope for performance and reliability.

Nano-Science & Technology Center

Leveraging the vast industrial resources of the global LINTEC Group, the Nano-Science & Technology Center in Richardson TX, focuses on scaling up the manufacturing and commercialization of nano-engineered applications.

Nanotechnology provides us with the ability to tune the properties of traditional supplies, meaning that now, we can do more with less.

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