• Motor Vehicle Engine Components
These pressure-sensitive labels offer superior resistance to high temperatures and all types of solvents. They are exceptionally long-lasting, which allows them to be used for extended periods of time.
• Urethane bumper stripes
• Labels for use on injection-molded plastics (PP, PE,PU) and labels for use
on polycarbonate

Fuji-Pla-Ace is a composite pressure-sensitive film formed by laminating a surface base with cellular film. Gases generated by the substrate pass through the film so bubbles are not formed in the label. Several surface bases are available to meet the needs of different applications.
• Protection of aluminum wheels and brake disc plates on motor vehicles
This pressure-sensitive film is designed to protect aluminum wheels from external damage and brake disc plates from oxidization. It doesn’t leave any marks on the substrate when it is removed, because it uses a special polyethylene film which can be easily peeled off.
• Prevention of chipping on the painted surfaces of motor vehicles
• Protection of painted surfaces on steps
• Absorb shock in contact between rear hatches and doors
• Prevention of abrasion of sliding doors

Urethane Film - This film offers superior weather resistance and can be used to prevent chipping of trim and painted surfaces. It is well suited to processing by normal screen printing and die cutting techniques.
• Absorb shock between doors and hatches
In addition to cushioning properties, this special pressure-sensitive film has excellent exterior weather resistance and abrasion-resistance. In comparison with previous urethane films, it offers especially good cost performance.
• Stripe tape and markings on motor vehicles and motorcycles
With vivid colors and abundant color variations, this super-wear-resistant marking film opens up a wide range of design possibilities. Unlike paint, FUJICAL marking film does not need to be periodically renewed, eliminating expensive maintenance. In addition, FUJICAL features simple processing and application characteristics, resulting in a superior appearance.
• Emblems on motor vehicles and motorcycles
This one-millimeter-thick marking film can be used to create a more realistic three-dimensional appearance than was possible with previous marking films. In addition, through the use of welder processes, the film edge can be rounded. It also offers superior weather resistance and abrasion resistance. The film substrate is available in two variations - black and transparent.
• A substitute for black paint
This pressure-sensitive black tape is designed for use as a substitute for black paint on the trim and painted surfaces of automobiles. It is easy to apply and to reapply and it offers exceptional weather resistance. The thickness and surface gloss level can be adjusted in accordance with the color design.
• Interior walls and equipment in large passenger vehicles and specially equipped motor vehicles
This premium-quality decorating material for indoor use can be utilized to produce comfortable interior spaces. It is available in 256 color variations, including basic color and wood grain patterns. In comparison with other materials, such as cloth, Lumidear offers superior resistance to fire and contamination. In addition, because it offers excellent curved surface following, it can readily be used with three-dimensional surfaces and it can be fabricated.